Create a Workspace that Promotes
Collective Innovation.

Innovation is essential for a company’s growth.
Give your company the opportunity to spur innovation and unlock potential now!
Encourage collaboration between employees to prompt constructive feedback and improve creation.

Foster teamwork within your company and tap into the advantages of collective innovation.

Quick Access to Information

With our platform, you can access information and files in every system your company uses (SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Confluence, Intranet websites, etc.).

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Content Creation

Give your users the chance to create their own resources so they can share knowledge, enhance existing processes and items, and gather various information into one single interface.

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Encourage employees to ask experts questions about their specific domain and save these replies so they can be accessed and capitalized on by everyone.

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Anticipate Future Needs

View your live skill map by BU or region. Perform gap analyses in just one click and initiate targeted and proactive training.

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Recognize Coworkers

Our gamification techniques highlight the best contributions and contributors to boost collective intelligence within your company.

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Unlock potential and promote innovation

Ready to launch your teams towards collective innovation?