Share Knowledge with Ease

Access all your documents in just one click.
Thanks to our solution, you have valuable skills and useful, applicable content at your fingertips to further foster collective intelligence.
With Wats, focus on what’s important!

Access the Information You Need

The information everyone needs can be found in a Sharepoint, intranet portal, or another tool. Offer your teams the solution that’s accessible from anywhere, at any time, in just one click. Give them the chance to show what they are made of.

Access all your tools and documents on one page. Search in natural language to discover profiles specific to your needs. Do you use external services? Find a list of all your providers on one single page.

Make knowledge sharing accessible to everyone with our search engine

Find the resources and expertise you need. Ask questions or organize a meeting. You can adjust various parameters to add or validate skills as well as insert new skill levels for all your teams.

Find the right resources and expertise you need

Our turnkey self-service solution is fast and easy to use. It gives users the opportunity to access a wide range of useful content and obtain the information they need to solve an issue or advance in their field.

Share your knowledge and make it accessible to help your teams progress
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Progress Comes from Experience. Capitalize on it!

Learn from your peers’ experience to save time and boost performance. Capitalizing on your projects reduces manufacturing and training costs to increase profits and create innovative process solutions. Capitalizing on important information allows us to grow and become stronger.

Un éditeur de contenu simple et puissant

With our simple and powerful publisher, you can gather all the content you need in one spot. Our solution gives you the opportunity to modify and comment on items, add files, link together articles, and share your discoveries with your colleagues.

Sharing of experience, skills and knowledge

How many times have you sent the same exact email or provided the same response? Don’t waste any more time! Your initial reply can be accessed by everyone to avoid repeating yourself.

Sharing of experience, skills and knowledge

With Wats, information is easily accessible and can be shared with anyone who needs it. Our platform integrates into the communication tools you use such as Teams or an intranet portal to make sharing and locating information easier than ever before!

Sharing and finding your information has never been easier

Bring Knowledge Sharing to the Forefront and Unlock your Teams’ Potential

Highlighting what your teams know and do well is key.With our platform, your workforce will feel more engaged and further contribute to common goals. Employee recognition can increase team engagement by 65%.

View your teams’ progress in real time. Our adaptable skill map is automatically updated to follow your teams’ evolution and benefit your company. Manage your business skills improvement processes, identify future leaders, and successfully anticipate future needs.

Visualize in real time the evolution of your teams

By showcasing the most consulted content, new items, and detailed employee replies, Wats recognizes the best content and brings social learning to a new level.

Wats values the best content to take social learning to the next level
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Who benefits
from Knowledge Sharing ?

Your Teams

  • Save 2 hours per week per employee
  • Reinforce ONE TEAM company culture
  • Liberate Knowledge to unlock and mobilize your workforce skill base
  • Innovation is key. Learn from past experiences and capitalize on shared knowledge to foster collective intelligence

Your Company

  • Boost innovation by encouraging sharing among your team members
  • Advance your company from top to bottom with a better overview of projects and experimental processes
  • Manage skills with ease! Our solution accelerates skill improvement and reduces turnover costs by 30%
  • Promote the best employee experience and demonstrate your appreciation by giving your teams the greatest digital workplace around

Unlock potential and promote innovation

Thank your teams for sharing information by guaranteeing they won’t have to do it again.