Wats - Copilot

All the business streams you want to follow application

Because it’s hard to keep up with everything in your business environment, we created Copilot for you.

Synthetic, Copilot’s airplane view allows everyone to know if a project, an offer, or a test has already been created or conducted on specific subjects.

Global vision

Copilot is the solution that allows you to see quickly all the productions produced by your company: who is working on what, in which country, on which tool and what are the current and future works in your organization.

Creation and sharing of productions

Copilot is your new ally for materializing your productions. Create your model and easily identify the right actors to mobilize to move forward on your topics. What information can be entered in Copilot? An offer, a project, all the achievements made, past and future by your company’s employees.

Shared knowledge

Like a global inventory, you can access all the achievements produced by your teams and bring out the major trends and/or favorite subjects It’s also a good way to get an overview of your peers’ qualifications and experiences. To avoid making the same mistakes again and to avoid launching an idea that already exists, your collaborators can benefit from the experiences of their colleagues or call an expert on the desired theme.

What are the benefits?

For your managers

  • Simple and clear visualization


  • Central information point


  • Data export for consolidated processing (Power Bi…)

For your employees

  • A global view: my company breaks down silos and allows me to benefit from the experience and achievements of ALL my colleagues


  • Be inspired by achievements, seek for expertise


  • Promote my successes, announce/create a buzz about an upcoming project or initiative

Wats – Copilot

The bird’s eye view to stay informed about your organization’s productionsn