Your hub for IT support and knowledge integrated into MS Teams

Take advantage of the collaborative tool most widely used by your staff, and offer them, with a single click in the same application: high-performance self-care, access to all support channels (call, chat, call-back) and use of the main functionalities of your ITSM (view of tickets in progress, creation of an incident, creation of a request).

IT Selfcare

Empower your users by making information accessible to them with our metasearch engine.

Query all relevant tools and knowledge bases directly from Microsoft Teams.


Simplified access to ITSM data

Make the three main ITSM functionalities available to your users from Microsoft Teams.

Allow your users to consult their current tickets, create a ticket or create a request.

Access to all support channels

Bring together all the support channels available to your users in a single interface in Microsoft Teams.

Let them choose their preferred channel: call, live chat, callback request.


Simplified information flow

Facilitate access to information for your support and IT teams