Your knowledge assistant

The first chatbot to integrate Azure OpenAI technologies, benefit from all the power of generative AI and get all the answers to your questions. Always available and with access to all information, it will answer your questions directly from MS Teams.

Thanks to AI, contacting an expert has never been easier: William identifies them and contacts them for you.

Synthesis of knowledge

Gain in efficiency by having the answer to your question at the click of a button.
When you ask William, you tap into all your company’s knowledge. No need to navigate through numerous knowledge bases, William gives you a real-time summary of the information available, thanks to artificial intelligence.


Turn to the right experts

Need more information? William puts the question to the right expert(s) for you.

Experts are identified automatically by artificial intelligence, in real time.


Artificial intelligence is enriched by all interactions: queries, exchanges with experts, feedbacks…
William assimilates your needs for an ever more personalized and adapted experience.


Information retrieval made easy

Harness the power of AI