Wats - Knowledge base

Information sharing facilitated through your support procedures

Result of more than 5 years of R&D in partnership with major actors of the support industry, the Wats’s knowledge base allows you to list and structure all the procedures used by your support teams all the procedures used by your support teams.

Offer your teams the solution that meets your needs: easy access to information, knowledge management, KPI visualization.

Facilitate access to information

As we are aware that each piece of knowledge is important, all keys informations (version history, reading time, attached files, exchanges) are available in one place and easily accessible. Our knowledge base aims to provide your support teams with simplified access to all the information they need to be effective.


Animate Knowledge

Each employee can become an actor of change by reporting missing or updated information in one click. Concretely, these requests are managed through Workflows including several validation steps to ensure the quality of the information produced. For greater efficiency, the people working on the same procedure have an interface to exchange information
(no more email pingpongs between the support teams).

Visualize your KPIs for efficient management

Stay proactive on information sharing within your support teams by identifying current topics: most consulted procedures, number of procedures created, updated or deleted. Because sharing information is and should be everyone’s mission, our knowledge base allows you to monitor the involvement of your teams by measuring the adoption of the tool: number of active users, number of comments….


What are the benefits?

For your managers

    • Clear visualization of all procedures referenced and used by your support teams
    • Management of creation, validation and deletion requests thanks to a simple and efficient workflow
    • Interchange with the procedures’ interlocutors
    • Monitoring of KPIs

For your employees

      • Quick access to information via all referenced procedures (60% time saving for employees)
      • Tree structure of procedures.
      • Direct participation in information sharing within the company (x2 in terms of interaction)
      • Participation in the constant improvement of support procedures
      • Saving time and greatly reduces email exchanges (90% reduction between support teams)

Wats – Knowledge base

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