Wats in Microsoft Teams

Knowledge Sharing application

At Wats, our thing is information you’ll find it using our connected engine, or you’ll generate it via a question.

It will find its expert. Time saving, value, responsibility: it’s Wats in Teams.

Find the information

Access information in only 1 click. Our search engine allows everyone to easily access the information they need to work. Directly query all relevant tools and knowledge bases.


Capitalize on your exchanges

Can’t find the information or document you are looking for in the results? Ask for it ! Receive a quick answer by the experts of your organization. The questions and answers will then be capitalized and available to all.

Manage access and sharing like a pro

Manage connections to third-party tools by choosing which databases will be returned as results. You can also define your own keywords by team. Each question that contains the keyword will naturally target the affected community..


Facilitated knowledge sharing

Wats works with the tools you already use!